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Ensuring AI Compliance and Maximizing the Value of Your GxP Technologies

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A Guide to Responsible AI in Life Sciences

Achieve a life sciences trifecta: building on cloud compliance for responsible AI, gathering high-quality data that addresses patient needs, and maintaining continuous compliance amid evolving regulations.

Date and Time

June 27, 2024 | 11 AM PT, 2 PM ET

Webinar Discussion

AI and generative AI are helping life sciences organizations sift through vast pools of data to find high-quality insights. Hear how Google, Sorcero, and USDM developed a purpose-built AI solution that helps life sciences organizations adopt AI and mitigate risk successfully.

The presenters will connect cloud compliance and responsible AI and explain how AI algorithms and models perform well and remain compliant in the face of evolving industry regulations. They’ll also discuss best practices for developing a responsible AI model and explore compliance considerations when building, validating, and maintaining systems.

  • Building on Lessons Learned in Cloud Compliance to Inform Responsible AI
  • Developing a Responsible AI Model for Proper AI Use in Life Sciences
  • Finding the Right AI Solution for Life Sciences Organizations
  • Delivering a Compliant Solution for AI in Life Sciences
  • Live Q&A


Don’t miss the opportunity to learn about this offering built with Sorcero’s AI Platform on Google Cloud using USDM AI Assurance for implementation and ongoing system validation. It all comes together in an innovative and compliant solution for AI in life sciences.

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