UL's Compliance Wire

UL Compliancewire GxP Compliance

GxP Compliant, Validated Learning Management with ComplianceWire

UL’s ComplianceWire️ is the industry-leading compliance training Learning Management System (LMS) designed for life sciences organizations. It is compliant with 21 CFR Part 11 and EU Annex 11 validation requirements. Known as the gold standard LMS for the life sciences industry, this time-tested technology is used extensively by the US and global pharmaceutical, medical device, and biotechnology companies as well as global regulatory authorities in the US, China, Brazil, and India. 

Coupled with USDM’s Cloud Assurance continuous compliance subscription, your validation and release management just got much easier. USDM will handle your implementation and validation and all your ongoing release management. Let your team focus on other IT priorities, we’ll keep your ComplianceWire system GxP compliant. 

Learn how USDM helped establish a risk-based, phase-appropriate, pragmatic approach for compliance to achieve a compliant-ready position in this case study. 

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With ComplianceWire You Can:

  • Assignment-based training functionality
  • Automatic audit trails on critical assignment activities
  • Flexible security roles
  • Traceability with electronic signatures on assessments and SOPs 
  • Real-time reports for managers and administrators
  • Record protections
  • Role-based assignment functionality
  • Secure integrations with essential enterprise systems
  • Version control of training items
  • Visibility into training status
  • Course customization to address unique needs

With USDM Cloud Assurance You Can:

  • All the functionality, none of the validation headaches  
  • Always-On, total transparency to your IT systems state of compliance 
  • Trusted solution by hundreds of Life Science organizations 
  • Faster implementation and integration to maximize the ROI of your technology
  • Accelerated cloud maturity and continuous learning to scale your business and your people