Sorcero AI Platform

Sorcero AI Platform

Sorcero believes the most important application of AI today is to speed patient access to breakthrough treatments.

To give life sciences companies the unparalleled ability to generate measurable and actionable insights from external and internal medical data, the Sorcero AI Platform unifies and enriches unstructured and structured data across disparate sources.

Advanced biomedical AI enables teams to make confident decisions with a complete view of healthcare data, drive product adoption, and improve patient outcomes with precision and confidence up to 12x faster.

Sorcero AI Makes Medical Information Systems Make Sense

Doctors, patients, and drug manufacturers are drowning in an overabundance of complex data and research that they analyze manually. To help them get to the insights they need to deliver smarter treatments and save lives, there is Sorcero’s AI-powered analytics platform.

Sorcero has worked at the intersection of AI and medical data since 2018. With that experience, they’ve developed patented technology that makes insights more accurate and trustworthy. The Sorcero AI Platform enables medical decision-makers to deepen their understanding of the use and efficacy of their products using medically tuned AI.

Why does this matter?

Because patients—and their quality of life—shouldn’t have to wait for a broken system to provide an answer six months too late. In healthcare, saving time means saving lives.

USDM is an honest broker of leverageable assets from Sorcero

USDM performs an annual audit and verifies Sorcero’s Cloud Assurance Certified technologies each year. Vendor qualification audits ensure that AI vendors have knowledgeable resources, mature processes, technological competence, and a quality mindset to work with life sciences customers.

  • The USDM Cloud Adoption Toolkit helps life sciences organizations to stand up their GxP cloud environment quickly. Purpose-built for life sciences organizations, it meets 21 CFR Part 11, Annex 11, and relevant GxP requirements.
  • Cloud Assurance Certified with USDM AI Assurance links to the AI vendors’ leverageable assets for the expedient use of compliance evidence. Further USDM services include:
    • Conducting a cloud readiness assessment of the vendors’ design, development, testing, qualification, and maintenance methodologies used in their cloud-based solutions.
    • Using its proprietary Compliance Matrix to determine if system functionality is designed to meet the needs of customers and global regulators.
    • Verifying that vendors remediate all found observations to mitigate GxP risks. When GxP standards and compliance maturity are achieved, the vendor is awarded the certification and a Vendor Assurance Report is published (which can be used as objective evidence). Cloud Assurance Certified is the badge of trust for achieving and maintaining GxP compliance globally.

USDM also provides:

  • An AI Governance framework to help life sciences customers update their Quality Management Systems (QMS) for responsible AI use and align with the AI vendor’s leverageable assets
  • Impact and Risk Assessment attuned to customer’s risk tolerance and policies
  • Qualification and on-going monitoring of APIs used to ingest source data
  • Validation assets as evidence of the AI’s compliant state
  • Automated regression testing
  • Continuous monitoring and updates of relevant compliance and security regulations
  • Guidance on best practices and guardrails that support customer needs

The Sorcero Instant Insights Engine

The Sorcero Instant Insights Engine™ provides a simple conversational interface for asking and answering complex medical questions. The Instant Insights Engine draws upon the vast range of medical data pertinent to an organization – from internal sources like CRMs to external records like claims – to generate high-quality, evidence-based responses that mirror the experience of collaborating with a team of experts.

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