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A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible AI for Life Sciences

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Discover the importance of a purpose-built AI framework and solution that helps life sciences organizations successfully adopt AI and mitigate risk.

AI and generative AI have the potential to help life sciences organizations solve one of their most difficult problems: how to sift through vast pools of data to find high-quality insights. Learn how Sorcero, Google, and USDM are partnering to deliver a joint AI solution for life sciences that addresses this critical need.

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Build on the Principles of Cloud Compliance for Responsible AI

With the introduction of cloud software in the early 2000s, life sciences organizations recognized the need for industry-specific cloud solutions; however, horizontal cross-industry cloud solutions didn’t adequately address the industry’s regulatory needs. Thus emerged the field of vertical software-as-a-service (SaaS), which spurred a new market focused on cloud software tailored for the life sciences industry.

Cloud compliance provides a comprehensive framework for deploying and managing cloud software throughout its operational lifecycle, including risk-based release management practices. It enables organizations to add and update applications while adhering to regulatory requirements.

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Develop a Responsible AI Model for Proper AI Use

Many life sciences organizations are already implementing AI tools, so the need for a responsible AI model is urgent. But developing that model poses unique challenges. As AI technology is rapidly evolving, compliance and regulatory requirements are struggling to keep pace.

To fill this gap, life sciences organizations need compliance best practices that evolve with AI tools and platforms.

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Source and Validate AI Solutions that Meet Your Needs

It can be difficult to identify and assess the right tools, but partnering with AI providers and services companies enable your organization to offload the technical complexities, explore opportunities for automation, and ensure initial and ongoing compliance.

Third-party experts are knowledgeable in AI and life sciences regulations to help you get the most out of new technologies. An AI provider that maintains compliance throughout product development offers several key benefits for life sciences organizations, including built-in and on-going compliance.

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Get a Compliant AI Solution for Your Life Sciences Organization

As you adopt AI to extract meaningful insights from your data, prioritizing responsible AI is essential to ensure the technology is implemented and used effectively, ethically, and in compliance with evolving regulations.

With the right solution to guide the way, your life sciences organization can successfully implement AI, navigate the complexities, and mitigate risks. To learn more about this joint offering, contact USDM today!

Contributors to this white paper:

Richard Graves, Co-Founder and CCO, Sorcero

Caitlin La Honta, Product Marketing Leader, Sorcero

John Petrakis, Chief AI Officer, USDM Life Sciences

David Blewitt, VP of Cloud Compliance, USDM Life Sciences

Lisa Om, VP of Marketing and Communications, USDM Life Sciences

Rathina Govindaswamy, VP of Digital Cloud and AI, USDM Life Sciences

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