Our Leadership Team

Lisa Om

VP of Marketing & Communications

Lisa is the Vice President of Marketing and Communications at USDM Life Sciences, where she brings her wealth of knowledge in product marketing strategy and global customer acquisition and retention. With a proven track record of successful marketing campaigns across multiple channels and e-commerce businesses, Lisa has driven revenue growth and increased profits in the B2C and B2B environments.

Known for her exceptional leadership skills, Lisa continues to build and manage high performing teams that exceed expectations. Her role in propelling enterprise-wide digital growth makes her a key player in the dynamic field of marketing.

Throughout her career, Lisa has been recognized for her valuable impact on prominent brands such as Arrow Electronics, Horizon Organics, International Delight, Microsoft Xbox, Madden NFL, Monopoly, Tetris, EverQuest, and many more. Her ability to navigate such diverse industries showcases her versatility and strategic mindset.

Lisa earned her bachelor’s degree from the University of Colorado Boulder. She currently resides in Denver, Colorado.

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