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Integrated GxP Compliance for the Life Sciences Industry

Integrated GxP Compliance for the Life Sciences Industry

Discover a digital-forward approach to harmonize compliance and innovation.

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What is integrated GxP compliance? It’s a catalyst for innovation, adaptability, and continuous improvement while maintaining compliance of regulated cloud applications and on-premises IT systems. It’s not just a technological intervention, but a comprehensive life sciences ecosystem that thrives on outcomes.

Elevate GxP Management Through Unified Solutions

Embrace the integrated GxP compliance approach to achieve remarkable cost savings through innovative system development methodologies, progressive risk mitigation, and enhanced operational efficiency. It’ll help your organization to justify its investments, boost performance, and perpetuate continuous improvements while adhering to stringent regulatory requirements.

Empower your business with domain expertise related to:

  • The inherent challenges of in-house validation and the significant advantages of outsourcing to an outcome-based managed service model. 
  • The pivotal role of automation in maintaining compliance across a spectrum of validated Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. 
  • A single digital experience for your cloud-based GxP systems that aggregates information like automated testing results, supporting documentation, compliance status, and critical event management. 
  • A GxP process automation application that fills the gaps in your regulated business processes and delivers data-driven application lifecycle management.

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Bridging the Gap Between Compliance and Innovation

USDM Cloud Assurance™ unburdens your organization of initial validation and ongoing compliance maintenance. ProcessX is a GxP process automation application that adapts to a wide range of business needs. The Cloud Assurance Digital Experience (Dx) dashboard gives you 24/7 access to notifications and documentation.

USDM’s Integrated GxP Compliance managed service unites Cloud Assurance for efficient and effective management of GxP systems; ProcessX for automated, extendable, and compliant GxP processes; and the Cloud Assurance Dx for a simple and trusted web application to help you achieve measurable results and see continuous improvement.

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Integrated GxP compliance is more than a platform—it’s a promise. A promise to accelerate your journey from molecule to market. Embrace the unified approach that reshapes your compliance journey, one outcome at a time.

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Integrated GxP Compliance for the Life Sciences Industry

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