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USDM Life Sciences Summit 2024

Data and disruption: the state of artificial intelligence in life sciences

AI is rapidly transforming the life sciences industry. The quantum leap to advances in drug development, medical data, precision medicine, and clinical trials is intriguing, but what are the practical use cases to get started today? These innovations bring new legal challenges related to intellectual property, data protection, regulatory compliance, and ethical considerations that must be addressed as you venture on your AI journey.

Implementing AI systems requires investments in technology, training, and data infrastructure. Additionally, ensuring AI’s ethical and responsible use in compliance is essential, as regulatory agencies closely monitor these developments. Companies that embrace AI in their compliance strategies will be better positioned to navigate the evolving regulatory landscape and bring innovative, life-saving products to market faster and with greater confidence.

Hosted by USDM Life Sciences, this on-demand event will help you understand AI for regulated GxP use cases, establish a governance model, and identify practical use cases to get you started on your AI journey.

Session 1: Regulatory and Business Impacts of AI

Explore the current state of AI regulations and hear predictions for how they will develop.

  • Regulatory GxP compliance landscape
  • Update on global regulations and industry’s response to AI
  • Guidance for the future of AI regulations


Session 2: AI Fueled Use Cases for Workflow Automation

Join industry experts as they discuss AI use cases and technology advancements in life sciences.

  • Practical AI use cases in life sciences
  • Operational improvement using generative AI for regulated and non-regulated data
  • Large language models to advance innovations
  • Live Q&A


Session 3: AI Governance Framework

Learn how USDM addresses compliance and security to help evolve your company’s AI maturity.

  • USDM’s AI governance framework
  • Phases of maturity: learn, control, expand
  • Citizen development, compliance, and reusable applications
  • How to get started
  • Live Q&A


Who Should Attend:

Industry / Company Type

  • Pharma
  • BioPharma
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical Device
  • CRO / CMO
  • Any regulated life sciences organization

Relevant Roles / Job Titles

Relevant IT Titles

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO) / Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Chief Systems Office (CSO)
  • Head of Cloud Infrastructure & Cyber Security
  • VP of IT / Director of IT / Associate Director of IT / Manager of IT
  • VP/Director of IT Infrastructure
  • Director/Manager of GxP Applications
  • Director/Manager of R&D Applications
  • Cloud Architect/Cloud Developers
  • Cloud Engineer / Computer Systems Validation Engineer / Validation Engineer

Relevant Quality Titles

  • Chief Compliance Officer (Healthcare)
  • Head of Quality Assurance
  • VP/Director/Manager of Quality Assurance (QA)
  • Systems Compliance, QA Regulatory Affairs
  • VP/Director of Quality Engineering
  • VP/Director of Document Control

Relevant Regulatory Titles

  • Head/VP/Director/Manager of Regulatory Affairs
  • Head/VP/Director/Manager Regulatory Operations
  • Head/VP/Director/Manager of Compliance

Other Relevant Titles

  • VP/Director/Manager of Clinical Operations
  • VP/Director/Manager of Translational Research
  • VP/Director/Manager R&D
  • VP/Director/Manager of Research Operations
  • VP/Director/Manager Labs

USDM Life Sciences Summit 2024

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