ServiceNow GxP Compliance

ServiceNow GxP Compliance

ServiceNow automated, continuously validated GxP compliant digital workflows with ProcessX

ProcessX is a validated, GxP platform for automating workflows built on ServiceNow. Many critical regulated life sciences processes aren’t supported by traditional GxP applications and are managed in spreadsheets and email. ProcessX digitally transforms manual, regulated workflows for your GxP processes like IT change management, periodic reviews, cleaning logs, and adverse event management intake.

The ProcessX application is built natively on the ServiceNow platform and has received the highest technical designation and certification for a ServiceNow Technology Partners application.

If you have ServiceNow, you can easily extend your non-GxP environment to include GxP workflows. If you don’t have ServiceNow, you can access the Now platform through ProcessX – no additional license is needed.

Digital Workflows for IT, Customers, and Employees

ProcessX has many out-of-the-box workflows for critical GxP areas of your business like IT, Quality, Manufacturing, and Post Market Surveillance.

ProcessX drives greater efficiency and insight for better business decisions across your organization, and improves product quality and patient safety all while maintaining compliance. With these AI-infused capabilities, Quality and IT leaders gain greater insight into the entire product lifecycle and supply chain and minimize costly recalls or undetected systemic issues.

How USDM’s ProcessX and ServiceNow support GxP compliance

  • Fully validated, intelligent process automation framework with Part 11 compliant eSignatures and audit trails built-in
  • Intelligent Decision Tree enables smart task selection with pre-configured event types, definitions, team assignments, and checklists and includes OOTB automated quality processes based on life sciences best practices
  • Task Model Configurator lets you select from existing task design patterns or quickly build new task types; no code changes required
  • Predictive modeling estimates events and outcomes based on parameters relevant to your unique use case
  • Automated validation and testing infrastructure with USDM’s Cloud Assurance keeps you continuously compliant
  • Natively built on ServiceNow application with the highest technical designation and certification for a ServiceNow Technology Partners application
  • Leverage your existing ServiceNow investment for GxP and non-GxP use without having to increase your overhead or IT footprint

Get the ProcessX app from the ServiceNow App Store.

In the clip below, hear how ProcessX compliments the ServiceNow offering