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Unique Device Identification and the European Union’s Medical Device Regulation

UDI & MDR Solutions

Be prepared for Unique Device Identification (UDI) requirements with expert guidance on global regulations.

USDM Life Sciences is the industry leader in UDI & MDR regulatory compliance solutions for the medical device industry. We have well-established relationships with the most prominent IT vendors in the world. Additionally, our experienced team of subject matter experts is led by Jay Crowley, who developed the framework and authored key requirements for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA’s) UDI system. We can help your organization execute a program to support your UDI efforts.

Tailored to the UDI Final Rule in the United States and the UDI Regulation in the European Union (EU), our UDI guidance and implementation solutions can help you experience the benefits of UDI while achieving regulatory compliance.

Watch the 12th annual UDI Virtual Conference to learn more.

The 13th annual UDI Conference is coming this Fall. More details to come.

UDI guidance and services offered by USDM

Global Readiness Services

  • UDI Audits
  • UDI Program Design and Execution
  • UDI Product Analysis (class III, FDASIA, II, I)
  • UDI Business Process Analysis and Improvement
  • UDI Policy Development
  • UDI Regulatory Guidance

Global Regulatory Database Submission Services and Support

  • Submission Strategy
  • Submission Preparation
  • Submission Support
  • UDI System Enhancements and Validation

Region-Specific Services

UDI Education and Training

  • UDI Regulation Overview (e.g., US FDA UDI Final Rule, MDR/IVDR)
  • UDI Regulatory Database Training

EU MDR and IVDR Compliance

Medical device manufacturers must comply with EU MDR by May 26, 2021, and IVDR by May 26, 2022.

USDM Life Sciences offers many solutions to help plan, execute, and manage any or all enterprise-wide activities necessary to meet the European Union (EU) Medical Device Regulation (MDR) and In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation (IVDR) requirements.

USDM’s EU MDR and IVDR compliance solutions include:

  • Gap assessment and product portfolio rationalization
  • Economic Operator (EO), device registration, and UDI Database submissions
  • Assess devices with valid MDD/AIMD certificates that will be distributed after 2020
  • Assess devices that will be (re)certified to the EU MDR
  • Assess Class I devices and systems and procedure packs that must be EU MDR compliant by 2020
  • Assess EO, assess AR, importer, distributor compliance (enhanced responsibilities of other economic operators including traceability)
  • Assess QMS (ISO 13485:2016 as standard), identifying additional SOPs or changes to existing SOPs required to manage EU MDR, including UDI

European Databank on Medical Devices (EUDAMED) Submission Solutions

USDM’s Organizational Readiness Assessment for EUDAMED includes:

  • Identifying process improvements and assessing supply chain and regulatory activities required to support the submission of data to EUDAMED
  • Inventorying medical devices subject to EUDAMED regulatory requirements for further assessment
  • Assessing organizational readiness to meet EU regulatory reporting requirements

USDM’s System Validation for EUDAMED includes:

  • Conducting system validation activities required for EUDAMED submissions
  • Recommending corrective actions for system integration issues 
  • Identifying process and documentation improvements needed to meet EU regulatory requirements
  • Delivering system validation activities and documentation for new or modified systems

USDM’s UDI Data Validation for EUDAMED includes:

  • Conducting validation activities on the data required for EUDAMED submissions
  • Identifying any data integrity concerns that may delay EUDAMED submissions
  • Assessing areas of improvement to prepare for and expedite data submissions to EUDAMED

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