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Accelerate Your AI Journey with Specialized Services from USDM Life Sciences

Accelerate Your AI journey with Specialized Services from USDM Life Sciences

Next steps: questions to contemplate and actions to take for your AI initiatives.

USDM attended the Google Cloud GenAI in Life Sciences Summit in New York and had some insightful conversations with industry peers. We wanted to elaborate on several topics, but it was waaaay too much to jam into an email, so here we are. Thanks for coming!

Solutions That Propel Your AI Initiatives

Depending on your organization’s AI journey, AI technologies in life sciences may feel like utter confusion, it may have you buzzing with excitement at the possibilities, or you’re somewhere in between. USDM is here to offer guidance and support.

Our comprehensive services bolster every stage of your AI journey, from foundational planning to advanced execution.

Whether you’re contemplating rapid prototyping for your first AI proof of concept or scaling a more mature AI project, USDM stands ready to support your AI strategy with:

And don’t forget considerations like AI governance, advanced technologies, data management, and cybersecurity. To support these digital, cloud, and AI needs, USDM has the industry experts and experience to help you:

  • Manage your infrastructure by provisioning virtual computing resources—like servers, storage, and networking—across cloud environments
  • Design and implement a GxP and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)-compliant platform with built-in security and data integrity
  • Analyze past events with USDM’s data analytics service and anticipate future behavior using predictive modeling
  • Design, implement, deploy, and test AI agents that interact in their environments, collect data, and perform tasks
  • Accelerate data migration by seamlessly transferring data from various sources to your cloud environment

Questions for Contemplation and Action

Implementing and managing AI in life sciences presents challenges and opportunities. USDM offers a variety of services to support your needs and accelerate your initiatives. The following questions are important to evaluate your current situation and develop a plan of action:

  • AI Governance
    • Does your organization have a clear, strategic direction for AI with measurable objectives?
    • How do you integrate ethical considerations and compliance into your AI strategies?
  • Data Management
    • Is your data ecosystem optimized to enhance data use and sharing across your organization?
    • How do you leverage your data assets to drive significant business insights and outcomes?
  • AI Talent
    • Do you have access to the skilled professionals needed to drive your AI projects forward?
    • What strategies are you employing to continuously develop the AI expertise within your team?
  • AI Processes
    • Are your AI processes streamlined and equipped with the necessary technology and resources to meet your operational goals?
    • How do you ensure these processes evolve with the changing technology landscape?
  • AI Technology
    • Does your infrastructure support the complex data and computing needs of your AI applications?
    • Are you using the most advanced and appropriate technologies to stay ahead in the market?
  • Cybersecurity
    • How robust is your cybersecurity framework in protecting and enhancing your AI solutions?
    • Do you proactively address potential AI vulnerabilities to maintain trust and compliance?

Choose USDM as Your Partner in AI Excellence

To address these questions and propel your AI capabilities, USDM services include:

  • Governance and Citizen Development Models: Empower your teams with frameworks that promote innovation while ensuring compliance and oversight.
  • USDM’s GxP Google Landing Zone: Leverage a secure and compliant platform tailored for life sciences to accelerate your cloud deployments.
  • Data Strategy and Management: Harness the power of your data with strategic planning and robust management services.
  • Audits and AI Maturity Assessments: Evaluate your AI capabilities and readiness to identify areas for enhancement and innovation.
  • Cybersecurity Solutions: Strengthen your AI systems with robust cybersecurity measures tailored to your needs.
  • Technical and Domain Talent: Supplement your teams with expert talent to drive successful AI projects.

When you engage with USDM, we’ll address immediate challenges and strategically plan for sustainable AI integration in your organization. Contact us to discuss your AI journey. Whether you want to refine your AI strategy or enhance operational capabilities, our experts will guide you every step of the way.

We look forward to a successful partnership and seeing your AI initiatives succeed.


In case you missed it, Google, Sorcero, and USDM collaborated on a robust AI framework to help your life sciences organization adopt AI and mitigate risk. Download the white paper A Comprehensive Guide to Responsible AI for Life Sciences for actionable insights.


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