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2023 Technology Trends in Life Sciences

Delve into five technology trends that empower pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies to modernize how things get done.

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Automation Technologies: Make Manual Testing a Thing of the Past

Process automation helps your organization simplify, scale, and maintain regulatory compliance. Cloud technologies, low-code or no-code development platforms, and artificial intelligence (AI) are driving innovation and efficiency to help you exceed product quality and patient safety standards.

Automate and maintain validation and testing with USDM Cloud Assurance and ProcessX. The compliance and AI capabilities of ProcessX help Quality and IT leaders gain greater insight into the product lifecycle. Cloud Assurance delivers continuous validation and meets global regulatory requirements beyond 21 CFR Part 11.

Data Collaboration Platforms: Facilitate Communication and Collaboration

Enable your teams to share insights and make critical business decisions using a centralized online repository. It makes data accessible to authorized team members while adhering to security measures and complying with regulatory requirements.

To deliver industry-leading data collaboration and compliant data submission solutions to the life sciences industry, USDM partners with Accumulus Synergy and atrify. The transformative data exchange platform from Accumulus streamlines interactions from health authority to health authority, and between biopharma companies and health authorities. Atrify’s data capture service ensures a smooth exchange of high-quality product information that meets the legal requirements and specifications of your trading partner.

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Landing Zones: Deploy Enterprise Workloads in a Secure Cloud Environment

As your organization implements additional cloud-based workloads, the modular and scalable configuration of a landing zone grows to meet your needs. Using a landing zone, you’re able to authenticate users, establish a resource hierarchy for your business needs, specify security controls that include compliance requirements, and centralize or decentralize your network design.

To automate implementation and qualification for new GxP-compliant cloud environments, USDM created the GxP Landing Zone for Google Cloud as an easy-to-deploy, well-architected framework. Purpose-built for life sciences, the GxP Landing Zone with Cloud Assurance enhances security and governance and achieves continuous cloud compliance. Use case examples include data analysis for drug development and data management for clinical trials.

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Augmented and Virtual Reality: Transform Processes and Enhance Training

Virtual reality (VR) creates artificial environments experienced through headsets, while augmented reality (AR) combines computer-generated content with real-world activities. AR and VR applications range from visualization and instruction to interaction and simulation of complex virtual environments.

In manufacturing environments, AR devices like headsets and smart glasses are being used to transform processes, monitor quality, and enhance training. USDM Cloud Assurance can help your company assess high- and low-risk changes made by your vendors and perform automated testing on core functionality.

Internet of Things (IoT)

In the life sciences industry, IoT improves healthcare and patient support. IoT devices enable access to real-time device diagnostics and data sharing to help healthcare providers understand device performance. Patient diagnostics are obtained from personal healthcare records and devices like fitness apps and remote monitors.

USDM partner PTC offers a maintenance platform powered by IoT: Thingworx for product development and quality management. Together with USDM’s Cloud Assurance and proprietary Compliance Matrix, validation solutions are delivered and relevant global regulations are identified for your organization.

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The future of life-improving drugs, devices, and therapies relies on modernizing, strategizing, and recontextualizing. Let USDM help you implement these technology trends to speed your time to market, create operational capabilities, and drive radical innovation—contact us today.


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