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USDM Life Sciences Has Virtual Workforce Solutions and Infrastructure Ready for Deployment

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA — (March 12, 2020) — USDM Life Sciences, a leading global technology consulting firm focused on accelerating innovation and maximizing productivity for life science organizations, announces that it has virtual workforce solutions available for regulated companies to deploy in response to any gaps that arise during the coronavirus pandemic.

As organizations across the country and the globe address the need for employees to work remotely, there is no doubt that continuity of business activities is critical to maintaining supply and bringing new products to the healthcare ecosystem.

“At USDM, we have established a playbook for managing a virtual workforce and have spent 20 years helping our customers with their compliance and IT projects with people who can effectively work from diverse, remote locations. Our tightly managed approach supported by USDM’s Virtual PMO delivers an effective process that can be leveraged to ensure regulated projects are delivered on-time, with transparency and compliance,” said Kevin Brown, CEO of USDM Life Sciences.

USDM will elaborate on their virtual workforce solutions in an on-demand webinar, “Getting Results on Regulated Projects with Virtual Teams,”.

“We have increased our efforts to ensure our customers experience little to no disruption in maintaining their compliance workload and have deployed additional virtual resources to augment any gaps in their processes during this challenging time,” said Brown. “We realize the importance that our services play in helping our customers to discover new medicines and therapies around the world to overcome health concerns like COVID-19.”

USDM’s Managed Staffing programs help regulated companies manage their compliance workload for new projects, change management, periodic reviews, CAPA management, supplier audits, and more. USDM supports the business areas of compliance, quality, and IT to ensure their customers maintain continuous compliance to get new products and innovations to market faster.

If you need immediate support for your IT or compliance efforts experiencing disruption due to growing coronavirus concerns, USDM can help keep your regulated processes intact while you mobilize your workforce and create your virtual playbook.

About USDM Life Sciences:

USDM Life Sciences provides strategy and compliant technology solutions to regulated life sciences companies and makes it easy to accelerate transformation and innovation. USDM Life Sciences focuses exclusively on the regulated biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and medical device industries and is a compliance partner with the world’s top technology software developers. For more information, visit


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