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Compliant Data Migration Solutions

Compliant Data Migration Solutions

Data migration is the process of transferring data between two or more storage types.

The transfer can occur between different formats or different computer systems. This is a straightforward concept, but it can get complicated when formatting requirements vary between the source and destination and if your data has regulatory compliance implications.

Common Pitfalls of Data Migration

Migration can take different forms: migrating to or within the cloud, on-premise, from a database or application, or storage-only migration. Whatever requirements you identify, a data migration plan is essential. It is rarely a simple copy; there is almost always data mapping, transformation, or conversion that must take place along with verification.

USDM can help clarify all of this in your data migration plan.

USDM Cloud Assurance

USDM Cloud Assurance delivers end-to-end GxP compliance for a continuously compliant tech stack. Data migration is an optional service with Cloud Assurance, but the benefits of a customized data migration plan and test scripts for migrating data from your legacy systems cannot be overstated. USDM takes the burden from your team and establishes a step-by-step plan for your organization.

How USDM Can Help

If your company needs a content strategy to surround your data migration effort, USDM can help you with vendor selection and audits, content governance, program management for implementation, validation, end-user training, and communications (Organizational Change Management), and post-go-live change management.

Our migration plan for compliance data includes:

  • Identifying your data sources.
  • Reviewing the source data for obsolete records and unused fields.
  • Transforming and cleansing data as needed.
  • Scheduling the migration to minimize downtime.
  • Backing up source data prior to migration.
  • Moving, not copying, the data.
  • Verifying and validating the migrated data.

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