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Automate Validation Across Your Tech Stack

Achieve Continuous Compliance with USDM Cloud AssuranceTM

Validation ensures that your technology systems, software, and processes consistently fulfill their intended use and meet user needs. Audits confirm that you have established the controls required to validate your systems and keep them validated.

Unfortunately, validation can be burdensome. Over-validating can easily exceed the cost of implementation. Even a risk-based approach can be time-consuming when you have different interpretations of the regulations between technical, compliance, and business teams. As your organization’s IT infrastructure becomes more sophisticated, you need more controls around network, storage, and database services.

In this white paper, we discuss:

  • Considerations for managing GxP cloud compliance
  • Automating validation and regression testing
  • Evolving your IT infrastructure to utilize a building block approach to minimize compliance burdens
  • The benefits of USDM’s Cloud Assurance managed service

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To hear directly from John Petrakis and Stepheni Norton, authors of this white paper, you can also watch their on-demand webinar here.

See a sneak peek of the webinar below, where our speakers discuss the Building Block Compliance Methodology to break down your tech stack into manageable chunks that are validatable:

Automate Validation Across Your Tech Stack

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