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Data Migration

Data Migration in life sciences

Migrating your data to the cloud provides scalability, cost effective data backup and archiving, and stronger security than traditional data centers. Plus, it establishes governance around data, meets GxP compliance requirements, and maintains a continuously validated state of your infrastructure and platform. 

This process should begin with cleaning up your data and avoiding the “garbage in, garbage out” syndrome. This is especially important if you are transferring data that is in various formats or is coming from multiple sources. As you identify databases, applications, and storage options, it is imperative that you have a data migration plan. 

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Common Challenges

We know that life sciences companies have enormous amounts of data. Common challenges among regulated companies wanting to migrate their data to the cloud include:

  • Lack of data governance know-how for GxP compliance
  • Unable to maintain a continuously compliant state of their infrastructure
  • Siloed data stored on-prem prohibits efficient collaboration

Things to Consider

While application and data migration happen separately, they do occur in tandem. Moving regulated data from multiple sources to the public cloud enables you to take advantage of data lakes and advanced analytics to drive insights and make better business decisions.

USDM’s Cloud Assurance Benefits

USDM’s Cloud Assurance enables continuous compliance of your data in the cloud in addition to audit trails, IT controls, automatic cloud monitoring, and data integrity.

An accelerated cloud journey means that you can:

  • Benefit from a structured journey map and assessment to identify strategic business initiatives made possible by the cloud and emerging technologies
  • Fast-track your innovation with a pre-packaged solution built on life sciences best practice
  • Use a flexible cloud adoption model to migrate regulated workloads based on priority
  • Scale as your business needs evolve

What Business Outcomes Can I Expect?

In addition to significant cost savings compared to on-prem data storage, maintenance, and security, data migration results in:

  • GxP compliant data storage and data integrity
  • GxP compliant backup, archival and retrieval
  • Improved transparency
  • Automated monitoring and verification
  • Built-in security and compliance

You will appreciate the overall reduction in total cost of ownership.

Learn More

We invite you to watch our webinar How to Maximize Your GxP Use of the Public Cloud and read our white paper Regulated GxP Workloads in the Public Cloud to learn more about USDM’s public cloud solution.

We would be delighted to discuss your unique situation. Please contact us to schedule a call with our compliance and technology subject matter experts.


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