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Cloud Assurance Helps a Specialized Life Sciences Company Expand DocuSign for Global GxP Usage


Learn how USDM’s rapid validation and implementation of DocuSign helped a global life sciences company expand their GxP environment for DocuSign in 2 months.

The Situation:

A global pharmaceutical and medical device company needed to expand its use of DocuSign’s electronic signature system for global GxP usage. With over 4000 employees and operations in more than 60 countries, the specialized life sciences company conducts research, development, marketing, and sales of pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

One of the critical challenges facing the company is its need to comply with the FDA’s 21 CFR Part 11 regulation for electronic signatures. Furthermore, the company needed to implement additional documentation, such as the Systems Development Plan, to address Japan-specific regulatory requirements above GAMP5. The customer was on a tight timeline and needed a fast turnaround and a cost-effective solution.

The Solution:

USDM provided the customer with a proactive and rapid solution to their validation activities. USDM’s team of experts delivered a fully validated DocuSign system, including a Validation Plan, IQ Report, OQ Plan and Report, PQ Plan and Report, a Configuration Sheet, and a final Validation Report. Because of their tight timeline, the customer also needed a reliable and efficient way to manage the ongoing cloud update to the DocuSign system.

The Results:

With USDM’s validation of the DocuSign electronic signature system, the customer improved the efficiency of its GxP-related processes, allowing them to complete regulatory submissions and other documents more quickly and efficiently. USDM helped the customer save time and resources, enabling them to focus on their core mission of developing and producing innovative pharmaceutical and medical device products.

In our customer’s words:

“USDM provided proactive and timely support to guide our global usage extension project for DOCUSIGN in time to Go-Live. Their expertise and experience with DOCUSIGN really made a difference. The operational support provided after Go-Live is also highly beneficial to keep the system in a validated state.” – IT Specialist

“USDM provided high-quality Validation support for DocuSign and collaborative project management. Thanks to USDM’s expertise, DocuSign was validated and is now available for global GxP usage. In addition, the ongoing operational support by USDM is much helpful for us to keep DocuSign appropriately validated. We are glad to have our great collaboration with USDM.” – IT Project Manager



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