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Phased Migration of Critical Applications and Databases


Phased migration of critical applications and databases addresses the move of highly complex, external facing GxP applications while controlling access to sensitive data.  

This approach is typically divided up by department, site, or content type. 

Phased Migration of Critical Apps and DBs 

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Common Challenges

It’s not uncommon to have a fear of moving GxP applications. Regulated companies contemplating this level of migration often have:

  • High volumes of transactional data and a complex architecture
  • Applications and systems that are over-provisioned
  • A need for reliable a cross-region disaster recovery solution
  • Partitioned and slow databases that hinder management of and access to mission-critical data

Things to Consider

Phased migration is best suited for GxP applications that have high volumes of transactional data, complex architecture, and high business impact, and it provides for a reliable disaster recovery solution.

This process provides a blueprint for:

  • Mission-critical application migration
  • Business continuity
  • Scalability and flexibility to meet your changing needs
  • Enterprise-grade security to control access to sensitive data
  • More economical cloud destination for mission-critical data

USMD’s Cloud Assurance Benefits

In addition to a blueprint for phased migration, USDM’s Cloud Assurance is scalable and flexible to help meet your changing needs and is a more economical cloud solution for your organization. The business value that Cloud Assurance offers includes:

  • Fast deployment and adoption of cloud services and business applications
  • A cost-effective, bundled solution to minimize barriers to compliance and innovation
  • The opportunity to build value-creating activities and reduce value-consuming activities

What Business Outcomes Can I Expect?

When your phased migration is complete, you will be able to scale up or down to meet the dynamic needs of your business-critical workloads, and you will see a reduction in costs associated with maintenance and management of your IT environment. Most importantly, you will maintain 24/7 business continuity and disaster recovery without sacrificing security or compliance. You can say goodbye to unwieldy updates and downtime and hello to overall better performance.

Learn More

We invite you to watch our webinar, How to Maximize Your GxP Use of the Public Cloud, or read our white paper Regulated GxP Workloads in the Public Cloud to learn more about USDM’s public cloud solution.

We would be delighted to discuss your unique situation. Please contact us to schedule a call with our compliance and technology subject matter experts.


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