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Google Cloud Platform for Life Sciences and Health Technology

Learn how to integrate a holistic compliance framework across your entire cloud tech stack

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The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) helps life sciences and health technology companies meet quality and security objectives while managing their compliance obligations in the cloud. It is the cornerstone of account controls, compliance audits, and customer certifications for regulated systems. GCP products and capabilities include electronic records and signatures, data retention, identity and access management, data security and audit trail, data ownership, physical security, network security, and application security.

Integrate compliance from the start

Begin with the end in mind: build compliance into your application. USDM has a built-for-compliance framework that aligns with your agile DevOps processes to capture quality artifacts as they’re created. This helps to ensure that software quality, safety, and security are a part of the development process rather than something QA tests for prior to release.

By implementing artifact capturing, continuous verification, and release validation activities within the Agile lifecycle, you build in quality and manage regulatory risk. The partnership between Google and USDM makes next-level innovation possible for your compliant technology.

Manage the complex regulatory landscape with the help of
USDM’s Compliance Matrix. Get the details in this white paper > > >

Achieve innovation and transformation with cloud technology

Google Cloud Platform has the technology to bring your ideas to life. Whether your business is early in its journey or well on its way to developing applications, GCP has the compute engines, storage capacity, and database solutions to help you with your next breakthrough idea.

Paired with USDM Cloud AssuranceTM, you can transform your regulated operations by automating software quality assurance in your Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), and Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS).

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Explore use cases enabled by Google Cloud Platform and USDM

See how a readiness assessment addresses challenges faced by regulated companies wanting to implement a DevOps framework for process automation. Learn how regulators access and review data that sits in the cloud, eliminating the need for organizations to redo the same work for different regulators.

Find details of these use cases and FAQs related to
people, processes, and technology in this white paper > > >

Equip yourself with the knowledge and insights to stay ahead in the industry. Explore GCP capabilities, compliance in software development, and real-world use cases that highlight the transformative power of cloud-based solutions. Download the white paper. 

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On-Demand Event Sessions

USDM hosted its first virtual event, Forward-Thinking GxP Compliance & Process Optimization, with an all-star lineup of life sciences thought leaders. The event addressed various stages of cloud compliance maturity. Whether you are getting startedgetting better, or getting ahead, this discussion will provide guidance for your cloud transformation journey.

Learn more about this topic in our session replay, Extracting Value from Your Cloud Data and Processes.

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