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Virtual Audits and Inspections

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Virtual audits are the definition of “pivot” for companies that want to qualify vendors and suppliers or gather information required for agency submissions and certifications during the global pandemic. The pivot has involved moving to virtual tours, implementing pre-audit documentation reviews, and having records accessible for the auditor. As virtual audits and assessments become commonplace, technology for such occasions has also evolved.

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USDM Life Sciences and Box shared best practices for cloud content management. Watch this demo to learn how Box can get you ready for virtual audits.

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This Best Practices for Virtual Audits and Regulatory Inspections white paper highlights some of USDM’s experiences and lessons learned from nearly a year of conducting virtual audits. Learn more


About the Presenters

David Blewitt, Vice President of Cloud Compliance

Manu Vohra, Managing Director, Life Sciences, Box

On-Demand Webinar

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