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Top Cloud Insights for Life Sciences


USDM’s cloud and digital transformation experts have more than 120 years of combined experience in the life sciences industry, including biotech, pharma, and medical devices.

Over the years, they have written blogs and white papers, participated in webinars and podcasts, and contributed to the completion of thousands of GxP projects globally. They’ve got a lot to say, so we thought it would be helpful to curate some of that knowledge to give you a starting point in finding answers to your cloud questions, including regulatory compliance, audit and assessment, and validation.

How to Maximize Your GxP Use of the Public Cloud

Learn how to maintain continuous compliance of GxP workloads in the public cloud with your global infrastructure, cloud service platforms, and business application software (IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS). Get tips on how to scale your GxP use of the public cloud based on your cloud maturity and unique business needs.

Regulatory Risk Reduction in the Cloud: Why Cloud Systems are Safer Than On-Premises Systems

As medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotech companies leverage the power of the cloud, there has never been a better time to dive into the calming waters the cloud offers. This white paper dispels the ingrained beliefs that on-premise systems are safer, and helps regulated companies understand the inherent benefit and decreased burden of risk with today’s cloud systems.



Digital Transformation is Critical to Business Continuity

Digital transformation is essential to enabling access to team resources and ensuring continuous security and compliance. While the life sciences industry has lagged in cloud adoption, the question is no longer, “Should we move to the cloud?” The question is, “How quickly can we move to the cloud?” For those who have made the move, you might be asking, “What now? How do we make the most of this technology throughout the company?” Read this blog for answers.


Use Cases in the GxP Public Cloud Journey

To reap the benefits of the cloud, you need to think holistically about your tech stack. Getting your infrastructure and platform services to the cloud provides you with faster delivery, lower costs, and greater efficiency. Where you begin depends on where you are in your cloud journey.


Cloud 101 Blog Series

In Part 1 of the Cloud 101 blog series, we introduce the three cloud service models with examples, and provide links to digital transformation resources. In Part 2, we talk about vendor management and scaling to the cloud. In Part 3, we address several constraints from which your company will have to break free before it can embrace the cloud. In Part 4, we get into automation in the cloud.


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