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Single Sign-on Significantly Improves Security and Usability


How much time and money does your company spend on password resets?

According to Okta, a secure cloud single sign-on (SSO) solution reduces login-related help desk calls by 75% and makes it 50% faster for users to adopt, log in to, and use new applications (apps).

Your company can easily deploy cloud connections to every app with such a solution.

The benefits of Single Sign-On (SSO)

With SSO, managing the identity of users is done in one place, which simplifies this responsibility for your IT team. Access for internal employees and external partners is managed and secured from a central control point.

User management in onboarding, offboarding, provisioning, and deprovisioning makes each experience smooth and efficient.

Staying continuously compliant isn’t an issue with SSO because you know who has access to what, and security issues can be addressed immediately.

Overall, you will significantly improve the user experience with faster login, increased productivity, and built-in security.

Security and compliance

OneLogin observes that when employees are asked to use separate passwords for each app, they usually don’t. They often use the same or similar passwords on multiple accounts. Let’s face it, requiring a different password for each app—and remembering them—is a lot to ask. Single sign-on reduces that cognitive burden.

Single sign-on improves enterprise security and helps your organization maintain regulatory compliance. For example, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) addresses IT risks and control at its entity and activity levels. SSO enables you to meet those requirements.

While SSO increases password strength, multi-factor authentication (MFA) verifies a user’s identity before logging in to your network or an application, which helps you maintain tighter controls.

SSO improves usability for employees

While security and compliance are significant benefits of SSO, it also improves your employees’ user experience. It saves them time switching between apps because they don’t have to remember (or look up; they are writing them down!) usernames and passwords.

Additionally, apps in your portal are automatically SSO enabled, contributing to better software adoption rates.

SSO lowers IT costs

Earlier, we said that SSO simplifies your IT team’s responsibilities because they manage the identity of users in one place. It also lowers your IT costs because they don’t have to store and manage login credentials for every user and app in an on-premises system.

Furthermore, employees, partners, and customers can be provisioned and de-provisioned across multiple apps in one action, so your IT teams don’t have to spend hours at a time on this task.

How USDM Can Help

USDM has helped customers qualify their SSO platforms for Box, DocuSign, SharePoint, and other partners. We validate the connections to ensure that it works as intended.

Coupled with USDM Cloud Assurance, your SSO solution will remain continuously compliant. Our best practices, accelerators, and automation significantly decrease your implementation, validation, and maintenance effort to simplify your deployment and adoption.

Contact USDM today to implement security and compliance and enhance your organization’s cloud app user experience.


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