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Content Orchestration

Content Orchestration

Content Orchestration is the seamless creation and management of content among teams in your organization. This phase of your cloud journey addresses your business need for centralized workflows, content, and data services that access GxP applications.

This is a bigger concept than having a quality management system (QMS) or an electronic document management system (EDMS); it’s not simply file management. Content orchestration is the bigger picture of digital activity across the enterprise. It’s the stuff that makes your organization run smoothly and ensures greater accessibility, collaboration, efficiency, and compliance.

Scenes from our webinar, How to Maximize Your GxP Use of the Public Cloud

Common Challenges

Regulated companies that haven’t implemented content orchestration will encounter challenges like:

  • Running on-prem technologies to allocate various resources
  • Inability to implement standardized configurations for re-use in other processes
  • Data breaches caused by manual configuration setup
  • Time-consuming communications, approvals, and stakeholder management

Things to Consider

When you want to offer better customer, employee, and supplier experiences, content orchestration is the vehicle for making it happen. It gets you thinking about:

  • Regulated and non-regulated content in one platform
  • Better internal and external collaboration
  • GxP workflow optimization
  • Minimizing manual configurations

USDM’s Cloud Assurance Benefits

By deploying a qualified infrastructure and validated applications, USDM can help you configure and optimize automated tasks, then build end-to-end GxP process automation. You can enable continuous vulnerability scans, compliance testing, and configuration validation, plus aggregate event logs for network monitoring and visibility. With USDM’s UPC solution, you’ll also have the advantage of continuous GxP cloud compliance

What Business Outcomes Can I Expect?

Content orchestration will help you to manage disparate systems in an increasingly complex cloud environment while having greater transparency across your enterprise. You can achieve automation for compliance and security by reducing the need for manual effort and increasing the frequency and quality of your deployments to meet customer and business needs. Measurable efficiencies and repeatable compliant processes are within your reach.

Learn More

We invite you to watch our webinar How to Maximize Your GxP Use of the Public Cloud, or read our white paper Regulated GxP Workloads in the Public Cloud to learn more about USDM’s public cloud solution.

We would be delighted to discuss your unique situation. Please contact us to schedule a call with our compliance and technology subject matter experts.


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