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Preemptive Growth Strategy for Cannabis and CBD Companies

The future is looking very promising for cannabis and cannabidiol (CBD) companies as 34 states have some level of approved legalization.

The federal government is slowly moving in the direction of full legalization for both medical and recreational cannabis products. The current political sentiment as we transition closer into the 2020 election cycle is shifting more positively in the direction of federal decriminalization and full legalization of cannabis.

The trend is gaining greater political strength and momentum as even more states are predicted to approve ballot initiatives.

A shift in federal policy will be an important historical milestone for two reasons, (1) It will finally put an end to the 75-year criminal prohibition that has prevented medical research to be performed which has created a deficit in our scientific understanding of the medical benefits of cannabis and cannabidiol. (2) It will trigger an immediate shift in regulatory policies and practices that have historically served to both penalize and protect industry participants. This dichotomy is a complicated balance between federalism and state sovereignty that requires a little bit of foresight to understand, but which will have far reaching strategic implications for the cannabis and CBD industry.

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