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Reimagining Medical Device Post-Market Surveillance

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New medical devices and products are often placed on the market with a limited understanding of their risks and benefits; therefore, manufacturers, regulators, payors, users, and patients rely on a robust post-market surveillance (PMS) system.

While PMS has traditionally been a passive activity—often limited to managing complaints and submitting incident reports—reporting alone cannot capture all the risks related to the safe and effective use of medical devices.

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In this webinar, we discussed how PMS can go from a passive to a proactive process, including:

  • Changes in global PMS requirements
  • Qualities of a modern PMS system
  • How to obtain better clinical and safety data
  • Standards that underlie global QMS requirements
  • Q&A


About the Presenter

Jay Crowley, Vice President of Medical Device Solutions and Services

On-Demand Webinar

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