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Accelerating Cloud Content Management for Emerging Life Sciences

Pre-commercial, and newly commercialized life sciences companies can have the advantage of starting with a cloud-first digital approach on their lifecycle journey.

It can be challenging to move all your processes to the Cloud with all the types of regulated content and data in your organization. In this webinar, we will guide you through where startup and emerging life sciences companies can begin their transformation and share insights on what cloud technologies can be scaled for GxP uses as your business grows.

The discussion included:

  • Content management workflows and the ability to integrate with other systems and business functions (regulated and non-regulated content)
  • Overview of content management vendors
  • Vendor selection process guidance
  • Integration of eSignature and other workflows
  • How to ensure end-to-end GxP compliance in the Public Cloud
  • Common implementation and validation mistakes
  • Live Q&A


The Presenters

Hovsep Kirikian, Project Manager, USDM Life Sciences

Erin Christy, Vice President of Emerging Life Sciences, USDM Life Sciences

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