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DocuSign Cloud Assurance User Group


USDM’s new digital experience transforms the way DocuSign Cloud Assurance subscribers access the validation status of their technology. 

In one easy-to-use web application, Cloud Assurance subscribers can confirm the compliant state of their GxP systems with always-on transparency. The novel web app amplifies all the benefits of the Cloud Assurance subscription that you have already come to trust. 

In this DocuSign User Group, you will: 

  • Get a live demo of the new Cloud Assurance web app 
  • Discover the features and benefits that will simplify your validation maintenance 
  • Share your first impressions and ideas for improving the digital experience 
  • Discuss new services available for help desk service support and spin-offs  

Got a colleague who will also need access? Please email your USDM Product Portfolio Manager or Account Manager to grant access to other team members. 

Watch the replay from the User Group below…

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