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Box GxP and Cloud Assurance for FDA Submission


USDM achieved start-to-finish configuration and validation of the customer’s new Box instance for GxP regulated data in two months, including CSV-compliant deliverables.

The global clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company is focused on discovering and developing novel drugs to treat chronic liver diseases, gastrointestinal diseases, and metabolic disorders with high unmet needs. Founded in Shenzhen, China, they also have a location in the United States.

The Situation
  • Customer needed quick validation of their new Box instance to house regulated GxP data in preparation for a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) submission.
  • They had trouble accessing data in China due to national firewall.
  • Customer did not have significant Computer System Validation (CSV) or GxP regulatory experience.
  • The start-to-finish validation timeline was an aggressive two months.
The Solution
  • USDM and Box provided their proprietary innovative approach to maintaining GxP compliance in the cloud.
  • Box helped alleviate difficulties accessing data behind the national firewall in China.
  • USDM delivered an extensive validation plan and a defensible report using the CSV approach that can be submitted for FDA audits.
  • USDM developed and performed Installation Qualification (IQ) and Performance Qualification (PQ) testing during onboarding and initial validation.
  • USDM assisted in developing the Administrative Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) to establish change control guidelines.
  • USDM’s automated testing tool minimized the CSV effort.
  • USDM saved the customer from having to hire in-house FTE resources and needed minimal support to deliver the project, allowing the existing IT team to focus on other priorities.
  • USDM maintains the validated state of the customer’s Box instance and manages all patches, updates, and changes to enable a continuous state of compliance.

The Results

  • Compliant, defensible, continuous cloud validation achieved with minimal customer support​
  • Saved the cost of 3 FT employees by outsourcing CSV and GxP tasks to USDM’s knowledgeable team​
  • 2-month validation completed within customer timeline

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