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Biotech Blueprint for GxP and GDPR Compliant Data Warehouse Platform

Data Rich and Information Poor

Learn how USDM helped a global biotechnology company significantly reduce maintenance, security, and compliance costs.

The Situation:

A rapidly growing global biotechnology company faced challenges to keep up with the demands of its expanding user base and datasets. As the company expanded, it found that it was dealing with a significant amount of duplicated data sets across the organization, causing inefficiencies in its operations.

The Solution:

To address these issues, USDM’s team provided guidance and a blueprint to build a GxP and GDPR-compliant data warehouse platform. The new architecture enabled automation with no administration, auto-scaling that does not require updating equipment or services, and secure data sharing with external vendors and partners.

The Results:

The new platform allowed the biotech company to centralize and standardize data across its global organizations, eliminating duplicates and ensuring that all data was accurate and up to date. USDM created a backup and recovery plan with weekly full backups and daily incremental backups. USDM’s team of experts designed the platform for cloud deployment to take advantage of auto-scaling and load balancing across various locations. Overall, these solutions enabled the customer to streamline their operations by reducing the time and resources spent on data management.

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