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Auditing-as-a-Service Delivered 80% More Efficient Audits


USDM revamps antiquated auditing process to save customer’s time and money

Learn how USDM Life Sciences helped a rapidly growing global biotech company revamp their supplier auditing program. Over the years, their processes had become cumbersome and antiquated. USDM helped streamline auditing processes, put in place a seasoned team of auditors that reduced the duration of the individual audits, and developed SLAs and reporting to track the effectiveness of the USDM managed service.

The Situation
  • Global biotech company with $11B in annual revenue
  • Focused on neurological and autoimmune diseases; more than 10 therapies in market
  • Hundreds of vendors involved in the overall development and distribution of blockbuster drugs that needed to be audited
  • Rapid expansion into new markets led to staff being unable to keep up with auditing requirements
  • Inflexible processes, staff, and antiquated methodologies beginning to create compliance risks
The Solution

USDM’s scope of work included the following

  • Assess types of vendors and all previous vendor audit reports
  • Assess core products manufactured from raw materials to final distribution
  • Assess all previous audit reports
  • Establish a tracking system to track each audit from identification through execution and final closure
  • Customer and USDM mutually agreed to a schedule where USDM handled all the remaining auditing logistics and worked as an extension of the customer’s team

The Results

  • Improved reporting accuracy​
  • 80% decrease in auditing time​
  • $112k savings annually

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