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Becoming a Cloud-First Company

Cloud 101: Part 1 - Cloud Service Models

Life sciences companies have historically lagged in their cloud and emerging technology adoption due to burdensome regulatory requirements and risk-averse cultural beliefs.

However, the global pandemic has forced regulated companies to adopt new operating models to maintain business continuity and enhance their workforce experience to accommodate remote employees globally. Much of this shift to the cloud is in the form of business applications that enable secure workflows, electronic signatures, audit trails, and access to digital content management, but the real business value comes in linking, sharing, and analyzing data in new ways, both within the organization and with outside partners, customers, and suppliers.

For those of you who have taken these first few steps, congratulations on your progress toward digital transformation. Cloud platforms are instrumental in using your technology stack to integrate workflows, access data, and ensure security and compliance across the enterprise. To truly be a cloud-first company, your entire organization needs to understand the value that cloud brings.

Cloud-first strategies are the foundation for staying relevant. As you evaluate your strategy for continuous quality and compliance, you must ask whether the technologies you employ are designed and built for the cloud with scalability, security, and privacy so that they deliver high-impact business outcomes you desire.

As you continue on your journey to becoming a cloud-first company, you will quickly see that adoption will move only as fast as your slowest stakeholders. Organizational change management will be an important first step in this process. Even if your organization commits to an all-in cloud-first strategy, not everything can happen at once. You must have a well-defined strategic roadmap to guide your journey and align your organization. Also, have a plan to build your compliance teams’ experience through increasingly complex projects. By working with USDM on more complex projects, you can grow your internal team’s capabilities through a sure, methodical approach.

USDM can help your life sciences company create a strategy that will ensure quality and compliance throughout your digital transformation and sustain you as a cloud-first company. USDM has helped hundreds of life sciences customers embrace the value-generating benefits of cloud-based quality and compliance systems and achieve superior implementations based on industry best practices. Contact us today to begin discussing solutions for rapid cloud adoption.

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